Context-aware Protection for ICS

Blocmount is a data analytics technology startup focused on providing context-aware monitoring and alerting solutions for industrial control systems to small and medium manufacturers.

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Why Blocmount?

  • Predictive maintenance (know when to replace and offset tools before they impact production).
  • Anomaly detection (get on-line alerts due to faults and failures and configuration errors).
  • Efficient troubleshooting (zoom into the culprit with contextual information of the assets).
  • Optimize processes (Know what functionalities can be improved to cut costs).
Just because a signal is within range, does not necessarily mean that it is correct in that context! Our technology inherently exploits the physical aspects of the control process when raising alarms!

How we protect?

Blocmount provides on-prem and off-prem cloud services that monitor the contextual behavior of the control system and flag suspicious behaviors due to faults/failures, configuration errors, as well as predictive maintenance and cyber incidents in the control systems. Blocmount develops and maintains a comprehensive library of anomaly/threat detection algorithms (we refer to them as blocs). At the core Blocmount’s technology is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) agent that orchestrates subsets of these blocs to actively monitor the control process. Our technology, in essence, becomes extra “eyes and ears” on the floor to protect production, equipment, and human life.

How we connect?

We work with whatever technology is present: historians, APIs, SQL, and/or network traffic capture. We also offer offline data analytics services to identify trends and recommend the best monitoring algorithms based on the scale, granularity and types of control and sensor data.

Our Partners

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Recent news

+ June 2023: Blocmount established partnership with Cox Manufacturing

+ March 2023: Blocmount featured on Startups San Antonio

+ November 2022: Blocmount welcomes Alireza Tahsini and Noah Dunstatter as full-time senior software developers. Our Team.

+ October 2022: Blocmount participated in the OnRamp Manufacturing Conference in Indianapolis, IN in October 2022.

+ September 2022: Blocmount is accepted in the first Gener8tor Cybersecurity accelerator program in San Antonio, Texas and hosted by Geekdom.

+ September 2022: Blocmount received an SBIR Phase I award from the National Science Foundation. Press release.

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NSF Logo
Blocmount is proudly a U.S. National Science Foundation-Funded startup from the SBIR program. [ Press release]