Protecting our critical infrastructure

Blocmount provides private and public cloud services that detect sophisticated cyber-attacks that try to take over control systems. Blocmount protects industrial control systems that are present in various critical sectors such as manufacturing, utilities (e.g., power, water, gas) as well as defense applications.

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Blocmount is proudly a U.S. National Science Foundation-Funded startup from the SBIR program. [ Press release]

Protecting Industrial Control Systems against cyber threats

Blocmount maintains a comprehensive and extensible library of detection algorithms and uses them as building blocks (we call them blocs). Blocmount's defense agent (our AI maestro) judiciously orchestrates these blocs to detect cyber-attacks and anomalies. This will ensure the quality of the product/service provided, prevent waste of material/resources, and protect human life and equipment.

Target sectors

  • Manufacturing and smart manufacturing
  • Oil and gas
  • Water treatment
  • Electric and power-grid
  • Defense applications

We look forward to partner with few clients and early adopters.

Get early-access to our new technology (completely offline -- we understand) and help shape it to best-fit your needs.

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Recent news

+ November 2022: Blocmount welcomes Alireza Tahsini and Noah Dunstatter as full-time senior software developers. Our Team.

+ October 2022: Blocmount participated in the OnRamp Manufacturing Conference in Indianapolis, IN in October 2022.

+ September 2022: Blocmount is accepted in the first Gener8tor Cybersecurity accelerator program in San Antonio, Texas and hosted by Geekdom.

+ September 2022: Blocmount received an SBIR Phase I award from the National Science Foundation. Press release.

+ June 2022: Blocmount was one of the exhibitors at the TechConnect World Innovation Conference and Expo in DC June 13-15, 2022.

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