Blocmount Services

Blocmount provides a wide range of services in the cybersecurity domain. Our main expertise lies in making secure and intelligent decisions to protect systems against attacks. We develop and apply methods from game theory, decision theory and control theory to help our clients in developing potent security solutions. We use artificial intelligence and reinforcement learning techniques to develop secure strategies in complex systems with huge state and action spaces.

Developing solid cybersecurity solutions is a critical task for any cybersecurity company as they typically become targets of cyber attacks. Moreover, guarantees must be made to ensure that they do not introduce new vulnerabilities. This must be done with a very little impact on performance in the environment of their operation. Our expertise in networks and systems’ security, coupled with their operation in different environments (e.g., cloud, industrial processes), enables us to assess, analyze and improve those solutions.

We conduct research on behalf of our clients to develop new technologies and identify applications of new technologies. This would strengthen our clients’ market presence. Some very good ideas brought up in meetings and discussions can be left untried and untested for various reasons. Through partnering with Blocmount, those ideas can be investigated in a greater detail and promising ones can be developed into prototype solutions.

Blocmount helps its clients develop new research directions through working closely with them to identify and target funding opportunities in the federal and private sectors. We have extensive expertise in many grant application processes from both sides of the table: in writing successful proposals as well as on how proposals are perceived and evaluated in panels. Blocmount provides services in critiquing and writing proposals for various funding programs.

Our expertise in cybersecurity enables us to provide a wide range of services in the cybersecurity education and training domains. We prepare and deliver target cybersecurity modules and workshops and provide hands-on training sessions on specific technologies related to our areas of expertise. Moreover, our academic expertise enables us to work with universities, colleges and industry to develop new and targeted cybersecurity curriculum.