We provide general and custom Security as a Service (SaaS) solutions that protect industrial control systems against cyber-attacks and malware as well as component failures that impact the operation of the control system. Our solutions analyze streams of measurement and control signals to detect anomalous behavior using our proprietary state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) techniques. Blocmount solutions run as containers in the cloud allowing for cost-effective risk-aware scaling of resources.

Our expertise enables us to protect a wide range of industrial control systems while minimizing risk.

Securing Industrial Control Processes

With Industry 4.0 underway, protecting critical control and measurement signals from cyber-attacks within the control process becomes of utmost importance. Failure to check these signals could have catastrophic impact on the yield as well as the safety of the overall process. Due to the wide range of potential attacks (e.g., jamming, false-data injection) as well as the presence of malware and virsus that target various components (e.g., sensors, PLCs, etc.), it is very hard to check all these signals at run-time due to the real-time constraints dictated of the control process. Our expertise helps our clients in having proper checks that abide to the delay constraints while remaining hidden from potential adversaries.

Blocmount-H (Historian)

Blocmount-H is a Security as a Service framework that utilizes the existing Historian database whether hosted locally or in the cloud and examines the integrity of the records against a library of statistical and machine learning checks. Blocmount-H runs in the cloud and integrates with SQL and NSQL databases to detect inconsistencies in the data set. Blocmount-H can be scheduled to run hourly or daily with a report generated every run.

Blocmount-RT (Real-Time)

Blocmount-RT framework provides continuous on-line checking of signals within the real-time delay bounds dictated by the control loop to provide immediate detection of inconsistencies. Blocmount-RT runs in the cloud and employs Moving Target Defense strategies that judiciously selects the checks to be enabled at any point in time. Blocmount-RT enables the proper checks on the right signals to minimize risk.