We specialize in developing Moving Target Defense (MTD) solutions that are driven by decision and game theoretic techniques, coupled with artificial intelligence and reinforcement learning ones, to harden systems against cyber attacks. We utilize our research methodologies and expertise to engage with businesses, local and federal organizations in modeling, designing, developing and deploying state-of-the-art defense strategies.

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Our expertise enables us to develop and apply MTD strategies to a wide range of applications in industrial control systems, cloud computing, and wired and wireless networks.

Securing Industrial Control Processes

With Industry 4.0 underway, protecting critical control and measurement signals from attacks within the control process becomes of utmost importance. Failure to check these signals could have catastrophic impact on the safety of the overall process. Due to the wide range of potential attacks (e.g., jamming, false-data injection), it is very hard to check all these signals at run-time due to the real-time constraints dictated of the control process. Our expertise can help our clients in this domain develop proper checks that abide to the delay constraints while remaining hidden from potential adversaries.

Cloud Computing Security

Sharing physical resources with potential malicious tenants is a critical issue that typically arises with public clouds. Recent attacks have shown that meticulous adversaries can bypass the inherent protection offered by virtualization. In this domain, Blocmount can help its clients develop proper deployment and migration strategies that prevent adversaries from exploiting such vulnerabilities. We focus on developing secure and efficient strategies that secure public cloud computing platforms.

Network and Wireless Security

Our expertise with the full network stack enables us to address critical security problems at various layers – from jamming and wireless interference attacks at the physical layer all the way to malware and ransomware at the application layer. We help our clients investigate specific solutions and ensure their safety in operation. The way our current networks adapt to load and interference (e.g., through the use of Software Defined Networks) make them vulnerable to a wide range of exploits. Our services offer critical analysis to potentially unknown exploits captured by worst-case scenarios.